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Public Feedback for Proposed Exploration Project

Yukon Environment and Socio-Economic Assessment Board (YESAB) is seeking public feedback on a proposed exploration project in the South-East Yukon.

Project Details can be found at

The YWSF has submitted the following comments, and we would encourage our membership to voice any further concerns they have. The feedback deadline is Thursday, June 7, 2018.

"The Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation (YWSF) does not support any mining exploration activities within sheep habitat that will negatively impact wild sheep.

Lambing periods and lambing areas need to recognized, valued, and built into the project planning. The adverse effects of helicopter and exploration activities within wild sheep habitat need to be mitigated by either suspending, and or restricting human activity in areas identified as lambing areas in May and June of each year.

If the May and June lambing season cannot be avoided the alternate staging areas, which do not route over lambing areas, must be used.


YWSF Board"

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