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How To Partner With YWSF

The Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation (YWSF) is a chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF), so in order to become a member of Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation you must also be a member or become a member of the Wild Sheep Foundation.
YWSF and WSF members embody an exclusive group of committed conservationists and a network of individuals and organizations who share your passion for protecting and managing wild sheep in the Yukon and everywhere.  Benefits include a subscription to the quarterly Wild Sheep magazine, patch, decals, access to immediate alerts to important information regarding wild sheep issues, and a voice in choosing the YWSF as well as the WSF Board of Directors. New or renewed members also receive tickets to the WSF annual Membership Drive Sheep Hunt drawing.
WSF Membership
All Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation members must also be a Wild Sheep Foundation member. If you are not a member of the Wild Sheep Foundation, no problem! Click the button below.
YWSF Membership 
If you are already a member of the Wild Sheep Foundation and wish to become a member of the Yukon Wild Sheep foundation, click on the button below. 
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