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Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation


Established in May 2015, We are a not-for-profit registered Foundation in the Yukon that is dedicated to the conservation of North American Wild Sheep. Including a direct focus on the 22,000 wild thinhorn sheep that call Yukon home.

With members throughout Canada & the United States we are pushing forward through our team of volunteers in promoting and facilitating science-based management of Yukon's wild sheep. 

We are an official chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) and with that we share the same mission, purpose and vision. By becoming a chapter of the Wild Sheep foundation, YWSF and WSF can create synergies in order to carry out conservation efforts together to the benefit of wild sheep that call this Territory home.

We are dedicated to enhancing wild sheep populations, promoting professional, science-based wildlife management, and educating the public and youth on sustainable use and the conservation benefits of hunting while promoting the interests of the hunter and all other Stakeholders.

To be the best managed, most respected and most influential conservation organization in the Yukon, for the benefit of all Stakeholders and Wild Sheep in the Yukon and worldwide.

The Yukon Territory is home to two species of North American wild sheep. A population of more than 22,000 Dall's and Stone's sheep call the Yukon mountains home. Dall's and Stone's sheep can also be referred to as thinhorn sheep. 



Yukon's Wild Sheep

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