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 Spencer was born and raised in the Yukon where he naturally found a passion for the land and animals around him. He spent most of his younger years frequenting remote hunting concessions in the Yukon.


Spencer began packing for guided hunts in his teens and began guiding and piloting once he turned 18. Spencer is passionate in continuing studies of wildlife and doing what it takes to keep the Yukon’s wild sheep population healthy for future generations.






Clint has always been involved in outdoor recreation and has been a hunter for over 40 years.  To promote and protect his outdoor / wildlife interests, he has volunteered with various conservation organizations throughout that time.  Clint is a Life Member of both the Wild Sheep Foundation and the Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation.  Clint and his family have called the Yukon "home" for nearly 12 years and he has previously served on the Board of the YWSF as the founding President. 


In his professional life, Clint is a commercial helicopter pilot, specializing in wildlife management and capture projects during the winter season.  The valuable data being collected assists multiple Canadian government agencies in effectively managing public wildlife, to help ensure that our wildlife will always remain on the landscape.



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I have been an outdoor enthusiast all my life. As a youth I first got exposure to hunting with my father and friends growing up on Vancouver Island, BC. In the early 2000’s I got immersed into the world of being a dedicated hunter and conservationist. I attended my first Wild Sheep Society of BC convention and fundraiser in 2012 and have been sucked into the world of Wild Sheep Conservation ever since.

In 2016 I was first elected to the board of directors with the WSSBC and the following year was elected to the executive (I am still trying to determine if this was a promotion or demotion 😊), where I have continued to serve ever since. In 2017 I relocated Whitehorse where my family and I have immersed ourselves in the vast outdoors where adventure is only a step away. In 2018 I was elected to served on the board as a director with the Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation where I have remained in some capacity to the present day.

While I have only been a mountain hunter for a less then a decade, I can surely say that its true, “That after your first sheep hunt you know whether or not YOU ARE A SHEEP HUNTER”. I am a sheep hunter, but I am a wildlife conservationist and am passionate to ensure we do everything we can to ensure Wild Sheep populations grow and stay healthy for future generations to enjoy.




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Bernard Stehelin was Born in Whitehorse Yukon. He gained an appreciation for the wilderness of the Yukon at an early age through hunting adventures he experienced with his parents.

Bernard has worked as a wrangler and a guide and later  became a Commercial Float Plane Pilot and started an floatplane charter service and fly in fishing company.

His experiences have taught him that you can have a positive effect on natural resources. Good management works.

He comes to the Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation with the hope that  Yukoners can work together to ensure Wild Sheep populations stay strong here for many years to come

Although never begging to hunt as a younger person, Sydney jumped into a sheep obsession by working as a wrangler in Alberta for several seasons.


In 2011 she moved full-time to Whitehorse from British Columbia and spends the snow-free season in the mountains fueling the obsession. Wild sheep are one of her top conversation pieces and can recognize their value to both resident hunters and outfitters.


Observing and pursuing sheep is rewarding in all capacities, and ensuring future generators are able to have the same opportunities as we do today, is why she got involved with the Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation.

I am a hunter, conservationist, and environmental researcher. I have lived and worked throughout northern Canada, focusing on Arctic marine and terrestrial wildlife research, management, and conservation for the last decade. I have been involved in efforts to promote meaningful and effective communication about hunting to the public and to advocate for hunting opportunities and wildlife conservation on a wide range of issues.


My interest and specialty is bringing together social and scientific research with hunting values to ensure we can implement effective wildlife conservation and maintain hunting opportunities. I currently teach and research at Yukon University and work on a range of issues related to hunting policy, conservation values, and local and scientific knowledge of wildlife. One of my favourite books is The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf.






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Michael was born and raised in Whitehorse and fortunate to be part of a family with a keen interest in exploring the territory through various outdoor pursuits. However, hunting wasn't introduced to him until his twenties. Since then, it has become an integral part of his lifestyle and the greatest excuse for staying active and traveling to new and familiar places in the Territory.

The challenging and addictive qualities of sheep hunting and respect for where these animals live have led to his interest in conservation. His goal is for all interest groups to collaborate on obtaining a greater understanding of the wild sheep populations in the Yukon and supporting wildlife management practices that ensure wild sheep populations remain healthy while maintaining hunting opportunities for current and future generations. 

As a born and raised Yukoner I have been truly fortunate to hunt with family and friends from an early age and have had incredible opportunities to hunt the wilderness of the Yukon. As a wildlife conservationist, my goal is to serve on the board of the Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation in order to sustain healthy wild sheep populations, promote sound wildlife management, ensure that wild sheep and hunting opportunities will endure, and try to give back to the resource that has given me so much. I am member of the Yukon Fish & Game Association, a Life Member of the Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation, a member of WSF, and a Registered Professional Biologist (BC/AB).



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