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Breaking New Ground With Yukon Agricultural Association

In recent months, A strong working relationship has been established between YWSF & YAA. We are excited to work in collaboration with this great organization who proudly represent Yukon's agriculture sector. Two major areas of mutual interest have been identified; Separation of domestic sheep & goats from wild sheep, and respiratory disease testing for domestic sheep & goats.

Our next steps will be to;

1. Identify the locations of sheep and goat producers in the Territory.

2. Identify critical areas where wild sheep need enhanced protection due to agricultural proximity.

3. The development and provision of educational materials for YAA members concerning respiratory diseases such as M-Ovi and the risks it may pose to wild sheep.

4. Determine opportunities to assist domestic sheep and goat producers, particularly those in close proximity to wild sheep. This may include financially assisting YAA members to install fencing to eliminate or reduce opportunities of cross-contact, as well as to provide liaison where appropriate between YAA members and YG Animal Health Unit regarding domestic stock testing and related issues.

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